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Love loud music and disco lights as well as exercising all at the same time? Cycle Blast is an indoor cycling class with plenty of upbeat music to keep you motivated all the way through. With a mix of intense sprints to steady hill climbs these classes are guaranteed to make you sweat and burn a lot of calories and aimed at all abilities.

This class is a full body tone and sculpt to the beat of the music. This class won’t only make you sweat but also make you feel good while moving around to up to date motivating music.

This is exactly the same as our Cycle Blast classes but we have added core sliders. You will spend 15 minutes on our Star trac spin bikes burning as many calories as you can before taking to the mats and working that core with our ultimate core sliders for the second 15 minutes of the class.

Disco lights, cheesy music and sweat bands? This is only partly true about our Aerobic class. We have the disco lights and the semi-cheesy music. The routine is set to the beat of the music and will make you work hard as well as have fun. With a mix of both high and low intensity routines this class is suitable for all abilities.

A 20 minute class focusing purely on getting you beach body ready. We target the legs and the glutes to really tone up all areas. Exercises varying from squats, lunges and kickbacks, you are guaranteed to feel the burn. All of our exercises are doable for all abilities.

A 20 minute class that follows on from beach bum. Let us help you get abs. This class focuses purely on strengthening up your core muscles to really see that definition.

The final one following from beach bum and core tone. This class will get your heart rate up. A pure hitt class to really sweat and burn the calories away getting you summer ready. Its only 20 minutes, can’t be that bad, right?

Taught by the man himself. WilPower! This class is 2, 10 minute circuits. You will complete 6 exercises at 12 reps each as many times are you can in 10 minutes. The only person you are in competition with is yourself. The aim is to complete more rounds each week. How much will power do you have?

An hour long flow yoga session. Suitable for all abilities this session aims to improve your flexibility, suppleness, balance and both physical and mental wellness through a series of movements and poses to help improve posture and performance.

This class follows the training concepts boxers use to keep fit. Cardio based pad work will help get your heart rate up, potentially let out built up anger and let you enjoy yourself all at the same time. The typical exercises seen in this class can be; pad hitting, skipping, kicking punch bags, shuttle runs and much much more.

An early morning mid-week circuit based training session to kick start your day. This class will give your whole body an intense workout using various equipment and body weight exercises.

The perfect class to tone and sculpt your full body in just 45 minutes. Using both body weight and weighted exercises this class will leave you feeling worked and ready to kick start your day.

12 stations, 12 different exercises working your entire body. This class keeps you energised and on your toes the whole time. Exercises varying from; Wall balls, Ball slams, Tire flips, Shuttle runs and core routines this will make you work harder than you ever have whilst having fun. Work by yourself or in a groups of 2 and 3, it’s your choice.

This is a full body workout using dumbbells. Light weight and high reps, perfect for burning stubborn fat and toning.

This does exactly what is says on the tin. This class helps to elevate your heart rate and getting you burning lots of calories. In this half an hour you will be put through a full body high intensity workout ranging from; sprints, burpees, squat jumps and everything that we love to hate.

This is exactly the same as our Cycle Blast classes but we have added a core work out. You will spend 15 minutes on our Star Trek spin bikes burning as many calories as you can before taking to the mats and working that 6 pack.

Got a son/daughter that can’t wait to get in the gym but isn’t 16 yet? Junior gym is for ages 11-15 and gives them a chance to work out in our state of the art fitness suite. This is also a perfect time to spend quality time together.